We advance Cardano's tech stack

Get started building blockchain applications with our enterprise-ready, well engineered, and professionally designed SDK, Mesh. With over 20+ components crafted ready for Vasil and many more in the pipeline, building a Web 3.0 application has never been this easy.

Information and Common Questions

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Why Mesh?

The word "Mesh" is defined as:

  • when different things or people mesh, they suit each other or work well together
  • (of two or more things) to fit together or be suitable for each other

Like a well-woven fabric, Mesh connects business goals with technology stacks. It enables developers to build applications according to project requirements on the blockchain. Mesh is filling the gap by making product development accessible on Cardano.

Whether you're a new developer, startup, Web3 market leader, or a large enterprise, Mesh makes Web3 development easy with reliable, scalable, and well-engineered APIs & developer tools.

Why is Mesh open source?

Building on Cardano is like the early days of the Internet, where people are discussing the different protocols, like and how to handle HTTPS and IP addresses.

During the early days of the World Wide Web, CERN put the web technology in the public domain, available with an open licence. Through these actions, making the software required to run a web server freely available, and open-source code library, the web was allowed to flourish.

In the same way, providing Mesh and its technology, allowing anyone to build, is key to widespread Cardano adoption.

Is Mesh open for contributions?

Yes, Mesh is open source, and we welcome all contributions. Developers, businesses, and writers can contribute in various ways. You can write, test, or review the codes; you can create your project and design your product to use Mesh; you can improve or write new documentation and guides to help other builders; you can also provide feedback, ideas, improvements, and feature requests.

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Help, I'm Stuck!

If you get stuck, you can ask questions at cardano.stackexchange.com and tagged it with mesh.

You can also ask questions on Mesh's, Gimbalabs' or IOG Technical Community's Discord servers.

Who are behind Mesh?

As Mesh is an open-source library, this SDK belongs to the Cardano development community. We look forward to more developers and writers joining us to develop this fantastic tool further. The users of Cardano applications are also a part of Mesh, as they make it possible for developers to build, adapt and improve current and future applications. Mesh SDK is started by Jingles and Abdelkrim.

About this Playground

Mesh playground is an interactive tool which allows you to explore Mesh's features. Most APIs are interactive, where you can modify the inputs and see how to use the code in your project.

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