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In Fund12, we are developing tools for Cardano Service Layer, Mesh new features, and Mesh Software as a Service.

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The complete SDK for web3 development on Cardano

Here are a few reasons why you should use Mesh

Always up to date

Mesh is developed closely to network updates. By using Mesh, your application will always be ready for the latest network changes, so you can focus on building your application.

Simple to use

Getting started with dApp development has never been this easy. Mesh is conceived in a way that facilitates and speeds up development of decentralised applications.

Best practices

Mesh follows many CIPs that make it interoprable with other Cardano tools. In addition, the package is less than 300kB! This means your application is fast, responsive and adheres to standards.

React Components

Frontend components and useful React hooks, Mesh provides everything you need to bring your Web3 user interface to life.

Learn more about React components

Connect Wallet

Import CardanoWallet to allow the user to select a wallet to connect to your dApp.

import { CardanoWallet } from '@meshsdk/react';

export default function Page() {
  return (
      <CardanoWallet />

Chainable Transaction Builder

Intuitive APIs to create complex transactions, perform multi-sig minting, staking ADA to stake pools, and interacting with smart contracts.

Learn to build transactions

Transaction API

You can send ADA and NFTS to multiple addresses, lock and unlock from smart contracts, mint assets and stake ADA; all with a single transaction.

import { Transaction } from '@meshsdk/core';

const tx = new Transaction({ initiator: wallet })
  .sendLovelace('addr_a...ab', '1000000')
  .sendAssets('', [{unit: 'asset...ef', quantity: '1'}])

const unsignedTx = await;
const signedTx = await wallet.signTx(unsignedTx);
const txHash = await wallet.submitTx(signedTx);

Get Started in Minutes

Set up entirely new application using the Mesh CLI. Choose from one of our starter kit, pick a language and framework of your choice.

Get started with templates

Starter Templates

Kick start your new Web3 project with one of our templates with a single CLI command.

npx create-mesh-app starter-next-typescript
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Integrate with Services

Choose between Maestro, Koios, Blockfrost, or Ogmios to access blockchain data.

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Blockchain Data Provider

You can import one of the providers, Mesh use it to query for blockchain data for transaction building.

import { KoiosProvider } from '@meshsdk/core';

const koios = new KoiosProvider('api');
await koios.fetchAssetAddress('assetunithere');

Wallets Integrations

Mesh's transactions builder is compatible with many wallets; cardano-cli generated wallets, seed phrases or private key, or connect to client's CIP wallets.

Learn about wallets

Import Existing Wallets

Import your cardano-cli generated wallets, and use it to mint your NFT collection on your Web3 website!

import { AppWallet } from '@meshsdk/core';

const wallet = new AppWallet({
  key: {
    type: 'cli',
    payment: 'CLIGeneratedPaymentCborHexHere',
    stake: 'optionalCLIGeneratedStakeCborHexHere',