Cardano Improvement Proposals Implemented

Mesh ensures your dApp adheres to the standards provided by the Cardano Community.

CIP-2: Coin Selection

Adopted Coin Selection Strategies from Cardano Serialization Lib into Transaction.

CIP-8: Message Signing

Use your wallet to sign message with wallet.signData, see App Wallet and Browser Wallet.

CIP-14: Asset Fingerprint

Get asset fingerprint with resolveFingerprint, see Resolvers.

CIP-25: NFT Metadata

Import AssetMetadata to adhere to the NFT metadata standards, see Transaction.

CIP-27: Royalties Standard

Learn how to mint royalty token.

CIP-30: Cardano dApp-Wallet Web Bridge

Browser Wallet is compatible with CIP-30 wallets.

CIP-31: Reference inputs

Transaction allow users to reference datums when redeem from a V2 plutus script.

CIP-32: Inline datums

Transaction allow users to attach inline datums to transaction output.

CIP-33: Reference scripts

Transaction allow users to reference a plutus script instead of suppling the whole script as part of the transaction..

CIP-1852: Hierarchy for Deterministic Wallets

App Wallet follows CIP-1852 for deriving Stake and Payment Keys.